Three Pieces That Went Instagram Viral

As you may remember, about two months ago, I wore this famous Zimmerman popcorn dress on a night out with my husband to celebrate my 29th birthday. When this dress first came out, I was beyond in love with it. At first I wasn’t able to get past the price, but I eventually caved because I just “needed” to have it. I knew I would get a lot of wears out of it with and without the baby bump.

I wore it that night, posted a swipe-up in my Instagram story and later saw that a number of my followers splurged on this amazing item as well. This dress was worn by many bloggers and eventually got sold out everywhere (hence why there is no link to it). However the top version (see below), which is just as cute, is still available here.

Designer tights, well actually designer everything, is the rage these days. Somehow the fad of wearing designer logos or being a walking advertisement for these designers has rapidly caught on. Who would have thought that our legs would be ads? I never would have. I’m not going to lie, when I first saw these logo tights I was a little unsure about the style but it eventually grew on me. Somehow my heart grew fond of the look and I caved and spent $100 on these fabulous interlocking tights with the hope that they won’t ever rip! I am pleasantly surprised to see how stretchy and durable they are. I’ve worn them a lot. They’ve got caught on my car door, got stuck to the velcro of my babies carseat footmuff and a lot more… yet somehow they’ve, thank G-d, survived!

I think these tights make an outfit and I am extremely happy with how they’ve been holding up. So if you’re asking me if its worth splurging on these amazing tights? My answer is yes.

Another viral Instagram item this season is this amazing Lele Sadoughi headband (my color comes in and out of stock due to its popularity and unfortunately it is currently out of stock :-(). I got this headband a while back before it went “viral”. I fell in love with this piece the moment I laid my eyes on it and although it’s a pricey item, it’s definitely worth it for the beautiful statement. I’ve been following Lele Sadoughi on Instagram for a while and have watched her company explode. I love to watch influencers and companies grow and feel as though I’m experiencing their growth with them. Lele now sells amazing home goods items as well, which I hope to one day own! You can check out some of her home pieces here.

Since I’m on the topic of momtrepreneurs, another woman I’m extremely proud of, and honored to be close to, is Melissa Lovy. This woman has seemingly built up a business over night as well, and is one of the hardest working moms I know. I am constantly learning from her and even more honored to have the opportunity to create collections together with her. The earrings and rings that I’m wearing are from our latest collection, and they are just amazing (if I may say so myself :-)). As you know, pink is my signature color and I have been crushing over rose gold pieces these days. When we were designing this line we wanted to create something classy, chic and edgy. We knew we wanted something very wearable but that would make a statement as well. What’s amazing about these earrings is that they’re 2 in 1. Meaning, you can wear them as a stud or add the jacket and, voila, they become a statement earring. The ring is the perfect piece to wear to top off your outfit. Whether you’re wearing something edgy or classy this collection will go just right. You can check out the rest of our ESxML collection here.

I love these three pieces and I think they took over your instagram feed for a reason :-).