Styling The Bump

Last week I announced some exciting news on my Instagram… God-willing baby #2 is due in January (the 5th to be exact ;-)) ! We’re super excited and cannot wait for James to have a sibling! But of course having a baby comes with some nerves and styling challenges.  Although I carry small, believe it or not, I put on 27 pounds while pregnant with James and this time I’m on the same track… heck, I may even gain more! Honestly, I don’t weigh myself throughout my pregnancy once I pass the first trimester. I feel it’s unnecessary and unhealthy to make myself anxious over a number. I know I’m not going to truly feel like myself throughout this period and I accept that, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try and make myself feel the best that I can! A lot of people ask me, how do I deal with not feeling like my usual self? What I tell them is to find ways to make themselves feel pretty and good in whatever way they can. For instance dressing cute, wearing makeup, doing your hair, going to the gym (if possible)… And to remember that this is temporary! It’s extremely important to take care of yourself throughout this time and by doing so I truly believe one will do an even better job taking care of someone else, at least that’s my opinion :-). I’m so excited to bring you along on this journey with my family and me, whether through showing you how I style my bump, nursery, or baby clothes… We’re so grateful for this time :-). I am going to try my best to showcase as many maternity outfits as possible, while styling maternity as well as non-maternity pieces. I purchase a lot of non-maternity items by going up in size. For instance, this entire outfit, minus my shoes, sunglasses and bag are all from Zara. This dress is perfect for styling the bump because it’s loose and looks super cute worn as a dress or as a vest. I sized up to an XL in this dress for length and I have no doubt that it will still be wearable post pregnancy (once I’m G-d willing back to my normal size). This ribbed turtleneck is one of my favorite staples for the season because of it’s stretchy fit and soft yet thin fabric. It’s the perfect piece to layer with sweaters or dresses. When it comes to hats, I’m usually a beret kind of gal. I was torn whether or not I should style this outfit with a beret or a newsboy cap but I decided to bring a little edge to this classic outfit. Unfortunately my shoes are old from J.Crew. My sunglasses aren’t available anymore in this square shape, however you can purchase them in round here.I can’t wait to expand and include more baby/children clothes and accessories on Eishes Style. But for now, I’ll focus on the bump for all of you girls who are currently on the same journey as me. For all of you who are not currently pregnant, don’t you worry! I will continue to include non-maternity items :-).