My Favorite Time To shop…

Like all good shoppers, when it comes to shopping, I have quite a bit of rules. That’s not to say that I don’t break them occasionally, but this one rule has made me a much better, as well as, a happier shopper…and my husband too ;-)!I try not to purchase too many items when they become available at the seasons roll out, unless it’s something that I am so in love with or I’m worried it will get sold out. So, when do I purchase my seasonal items?

My rule is to wait for an event when there is a special discount, that way I can knock off a bunch of items on my wish list. 

Not long after the release of the season’s line do special events take place. Right now my FAVORITE one is going on, the Saks’ Friends & Family Event! During this amazing event you can get 25% OFF a selection of clothing, shoes & accessories, plus 20% OFF Jewelry! The shoeshandbagtop and denim jumper I am wearing are all part of this event. I created sliders for you to easily shop more of my top shoes, handbags, and clothing :-). 

I wish I could purchase so many of these items, but unfortunately… I can’t! However, I am definitely buying a bag, a few more pieces of clothing for the summer, and of course, a couple pairs of shoes that I’ve been eyeing! Make sure you act fast and take advantage of the Saks event because it’s over April 9! Happy shopping!

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