Shop Holiday At Banana Republic

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Chilly weather is here (I couldn’t be more excited)! You know what that means – the holiday’s are just around the corner! We are definitely spending more time indoors these days, but that doesn’t mean we should give abandon our style! Banana Republic has so many incredible pieces for women and men this season, pieces to dress up or down, whether you’re staying in or going out. Make sure to check out Banana Republics 50% off your purchase! 

Having layering pieces during the chilly months is important. Especially when indoors, I feel like the most common question a girl asks is – will it be chilly?! A cape/shawl or what I like to call, “a body blanket” is a perfect item to wear, it’s cozy and so easy to take on and off. This cape that I’m wearing is a perfect neutral color, it matches with any bold color, like this orange shimmery dress that I paired it with. This cape is also such great quality, it feels and looks expensive! This dress is such a perfect fall/winter color and it’s amazingly versatile, I’ve paired it with a denim jacket as well and it looked so cute. I’m also going to pair it with a leather jacket and some of my more fun/trendy jackets that I have hanging in my closet. Sleeveless dresses are dominating my closet right now, they’re perfect to wear under any light jacket.

Brian is particular about his clothing, in a good way, of course! He likes quality over quantity, when he buys something, he needs to know that he’ll get a lot of use out of the item and that it’s nice. While I was shopping in the Banana Republic store he grabbed some pieces for himself, which made me so happy because I always feel like he can use a few more sweaters and t-shirts! Brians sweaterchoice is great because, one – it’s classic, two – the color is a perfect neutral and three – the pattern gives it little pizzazz so that it’s not just another boring beige sweater.

There are a lot more items from Banana Republic that we picked up for Brian! I know many of you requested that I post more mens items, so see below for some more great picks! And grab a few things for yourself too ;-).