Sharing Some of My Favorites From Martha Stewart Collection

If you are a bride and looking for great items or staples for you kitchen, Martha Stewart Collection offers so many amazing pieces, as you can see below! You can register here, it’s so easy and fun! If you’re looking to see what your friends may have registered for check here, it’s always great to look at other people’s registries for tips! 

As a mom who does a lot of cooking, especially on the weekends, it is extremely important to have products in my kitchen that I not only love because of the way they look, but that help keep me organized and are great cooking tools. I’m sure, if you ask someone which woman comes to mind of the leader of home products, they would say Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart knows it all and that’s exactly how she built up a business selling amazing products! So many of the products that I use in my kitchen, on a weekly basis, are from Martha Stewart Collection which is made exclusively for Macy’s. These glass bowls literally save me every time I cook. It’s a 10 piece set that provides you with every size bowl you may possibly ever need. They’re amazing for food prep or for serving your food in.  Here for instance, I use them to prep my vegetable soup to make sure I have all the ingredients in front of me so that I don’t forget anything. I love the largest sized bowl for mixing or for serving a salad. I was on the hunt for a great fruit holder that was tall and would hold a lot. What I love about this 3 tier holder is not that it just holds a lot but that it can also be used to serve dessert on! As you know, I love everything white… I just love that everything looks extra clean! So I try to make sure basically everything in my kitchen is white. From my towels to my cookware. These towels I love because they have a pretty basketweave detail yet they are still plain and clean looking.  Cast iron pots are the best posts, everyone should have some in their kitchen! I love the cast iron pots from Martha Stewart! I use my 6 quart to make soup in, cook meat… you can use it for seriously anything and it cooks the food so well! I also have the small 2 quart in blue which is a nice pop of color and I love the size for when I want to make a small dish. The cast iron grill pan is great for grilling any fish or meat on. Here I grilled marinated herb chicken breasts which came out amazing! The fry pan is my go to for making any fried foods in it and I even use it to sautée vegetables in because they come out perfect on it! 

These wooden utensils are a staple in the kitchen especially for cooking, I use them all the time!If you’re not registering and you’re just looking for new kitchen cookware and utensils, definitely check out all of the pieces I mentioned above! 

Martha Stewart Collection carries not just kitchen, but all home from bedding to bath, you can check out other great items that I linked below! 🙂

Happy Shopping!


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