Red & White

A form fitting, yet not unflattering, turtleneck, long sleeve dress? YES!
When my neck is warm, my whole body feels warm so I don’t need a jacket (as long as its not too cold). There is also nothing like an easy and nice dress because let’s be honest.. who actually wants to think about what they’re wearing in the morning? or ever? I know I never want to. Especially when I’m trying to run out of the house, as fast as possible to get James to school “on time” aka twenty minutes [fashionably] late.. I’m working on that.. Dressing modestly is also hard, so when I find a modest piece that’s nice I have a hard time passing it up.  As I stated in my last post, pearls are allll the rage. When I saw these earrings I immediately liked them because they’re chic, classy and fun. I decided to pull together the white from the dress with the white pearl earrings and then I just decided to go all the way with the white (surprised?). So I added my white brixton loafers and my white, what I like to call, dainty bag. 
If you’ve been looking for an easy, classic dress, this one will definitely take you through the rest of the fall season, and at this rate maybe straight so spring ;-). And these earrings are great to pair with almost any outfit and lucky for you, you can grab both of these items on sale now!