From Work To The Weekend

Finding nice and versatile items that can be worn from work, to a friend’s shower or just a dinner out on the weekend can be hard to find. One of my favorite stores that I’ve had a lot of luck finding clothing, shoes, bags and accessories that can be worn to almost any occasion that I have this summer is Nordstrom My head to toe look consists of pieces that I can wear dressed down or up, as well as, professionally or for fun. I’m obsessed with each of these pieces because they’re all fashion forward yet tasteful. This dress is the perfect summer dress to wear to work, a special event, to a Sunday brunch or dinner… it’s that amazing vibrant yet simple dress that you can throw on for any of these occasions. I was searching and searching for the perfect white heel sandals and when I saw these white shoes I knew they would be perfect… and they are! I throw these shoes on to go to a work event, a lunch date, dinner, or any nice occasion… The heel is the perfect height, not too high or too low, so I can wear them for hours and my feet won’t ache. This bag is perfection! You can go straight from the office to dinner and not feel like you have that ” I just came from work look” and you can fit so much in this bag. The mixed fabric as well as shape creates a fun look but it’s not too crazy which is why it has the perfect balance of professional and fun. Another reason why Nordstrom is one my go to stores is their amazing customer service. Aside for their free shipping and free returns, sometimes I’m in major need of an item and I need it even that day but I don’t have a lot of time between working and taking care of James, so being able to order something online and have the ability to pick it up curbside has come in handy for me many times! The times I do have time to shop in the store, I love how I can shop online and find pieces that are available in the store and order them to try on and when I get there they’re ready for me!

Between Nordstrom’s amazing customer service and the variety of items they carry, it is my number 1 place to shop. I shared many more of my favorites for you to shop below! 

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