Falls Early Birds

Sponsored by Lord+Taylor & ShopStyle

Summer may be in full swing, but fall is coming our way! Believe it or not fall fashion has hit stores and items are going fast!

I know most of us like to wear summer clothes for a long time, especially since the season is so short! But once it hits the end of August, the weather randomly gets a little chilly. There are definitely still hot days but sometimes it can get chilly, especially at night. I always like to carry layers with me especially at night, so I’m well prepared. Right now at Lord+Taylor they are having their First Look At Fall Event, which means you can get up to 40% off jackets and other fall items now until August 5th!

I love this dress, it’s so easy and pretty and perfect for summer. Of course, I also love that it’s pink! I wanted to find a cute pink jacket to wear with my summer dresses and the beginning of fall, I wanted something that would keep me warm but nothing too heavy. I found this jacket at Lord+Taylor and fell in love with it because it was exactly what I was looking for and it was the perfect shade of pink. This color is almost like a neutral pink, which makes it wearable with so many outfits!

If you’re looking for a pair of neutral sandals that are a pretty color, these sandals are it. Just like the jacket, the color of these sandals is also a perfect light pink that will match with basically all of your outfits!

My love for bags and shoes is endless. I can never own too many of either because when you change up your bags and shoes, you completely change your outfit. I love that this bag is something fresh and different! I love all things black and white, the fabric and shape of this bag really makes this bag stand out! It’s just so chic and cute!

You may be in tears that fall is around the corner (even though I can’t wait ;-)) you can still wear some of your summer clothes for a while longer, it’s all about layering! See more items below that you can get 40% off until August 5th!