Fall Shoe & Boot Sale!

Shoes are what make an outfit. If you wear a simple dress, the shoes will transform your outfit from either plain or fun. I can never have too many pairs of shoes, because I can wear the same dress over and over again, but when I change my shoes the overall look of my outfit can change. This dress is an easy and simple “throw on” dress, and the color is fun and beautiful! With this dress I could do simple black shoes, a color, something more wild, anything can go. I chose to pair this dress with  maroon booties to bring out the dresses purple color.  As you saw in my previous blog post, I own these booties in black as well. These are my favorite booties at the moment, they’re comfortable, fit well and slenderizing! Starting today at Macy’s you can save 30% on 1 pair of shoes or 40% when you purchase 2 or more pairs! Macy’s has a large selection of fall shoes, you can see more of my picks below! 

Don’t forget that the Macy’s Biggest Shoe and Boot Sale ends on 10/14! 

Sponsored by Macy’s & ShopStyle