Women Of Valour

It’s always fun to collaborate with friends… meet Esther Santer a blogger, friend and neighbor. You’ve probably seen her quite a lot in my Instagram stories while were shopping, getting laser, doing photoshoots… so I figured it was time to introduce you to her. 
We’ve known each other for a long time and lucky for us, we’ve recently become neighbors. What’s nice is that because we’re both fashion bloggers we can spend a lot of time working together and helping each other out, whether it’s taking each others photos, giving each other tips, whatever it is we’re there for each other to bring to help the other be more successful because at the end of the day it’s all about supporting one another. 
Aside for all the fun activities we do, sometimes we even do a quick food shopping run together. One day when we were shopping in a local kosher supermarket, we came across Valour Magazine, it caught both of our eyes because of how well done and elegant it looked. We each picked one up and started flipping, which then turned into reading, which turned into purchasing. As Jewish girls who love fashion, we can never have enough reading material especially on the Sabbath.
They say not to don’t judge a book by its cover, but we’re happy that we did because the inside is just as good as the outside, actually… it’s better. You can order a subscription on the website or pick one up at your local kosher supermarket, we’re seriously not lying when we say it’s amazing. 
I can’t wait to do some more fun collaborations in the future so stay tuned!