Spring Ready

Sponsored by Lord + Taylor & ShopStyle

Spring time is all about flowers and dining outdoors, two things that I love most :-). For Mother’s Day, my whole family gets together either for brunch or a BBQ. But being as I don’t always know if the weather will be warm or a tad chilly, I like to be prepared for either.

Layering is the best way to prepare yourself for unpredicted spring weather, which is why I love a good denim jacket. Denim jackets pair well with most outfits and they’re cute. I have a basic blue denim jacket but I always needed a good white one, which is why I got this perfect one. I wear a lot of white so it’s a great piece for me, to grab-and-go, during this time of the year. My whole look is 25% off now through May 12th at Lord + Taylor.

I love a nice airy dress, as I’m sure you already know! The cut of this dress is great because it’s fitted on top and flowy on the bottom. This dress just screams spring! It’s also perfect to wear with flat sandals, heels, wedges… I paired it with these white and clear sandals, which are great because they have a perfect heel height, not too low or too high!

During the winter time I usually wear leather bags. What I love about spring/summer is that you can have a little more fun with your purse! Straw, plastic, wooden, fabric… there’s just a lot more options. I love wooden bags, they’re sturdy and have a little more of a bohemian look. This one has such a cute strap and is an amazing price!

My earrings are perfect to add a little touch to an outfit. They’re daintiness makes them super chic and I love the tiny amount of turquoise they have. I would highly suggest these as a Mother’s Day gift! See below for other great earrings and pieces that make for a great gift that you can get 25% off until May 12th!