Why Shopping Is Fun & Easy

Dressing professional yet fashionable can get tricky, my one stop shop for finding pieces with this balance and versatility is of course Nordstrom. It’s my go to place where I know I will walk out (or not walk out ;-)) finding a dress, pair of shoes, bag or any accessories I need for basically ANY occasion! But whether it’s for my job, family life or just anything versatile items are key in my wardrobe.
When I shop, I like to find pieces that I can get as much use out of as possible. I want one dress that all I need to do is change my shoes and bag to take it from day to night. This dress I’m wearing is an amazing piece to wear casual or more dressy and it can be worn pretty much any season! In the summer pair it with simple sandals like these or in the fall pair it with these awesome plain leather booties!   

Being a fashion blogger, wife and mother, I need the ability to purchase and receive items as quickly as possible. There are days I plan on taking a trip to the mall but of course, too many things come up and it just doesn’t happen, and going to the mall with a toddler is for sure not happening! But, thankfully with the Nordstrom curbside pick up I can order items, do what I need to do that day, pick James up from school and go to the mall with him without having to actually go in! Literally, a life saver! I can’t even tell you how many times this service has come to my rescue. There are many ways to make shopping fun but most importantly EASY.  Being able to order items online for myself, my son, and husband, no matter the occasion and have the ability to pick it up that day is as easy it gets. 

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