Rocker Chic

Classy yet edgy, is the best way to describe my style, or at least I think so. As you know I like to invest in items that will always class up an outfit. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find a great staple that looks expensive but at a great price! Take my biker jacket for instance, I got it at Zara 4 years ago and it’s still in amazing condition and I constantly get compliments on it. Zara is known for it’s ability to mimic high end designers and for creating the best jackets.. or just the best everything (at least most of the time)! When looking to create a look that incorporates classic and edgy pieces, don’t ever feel like cheaper items can’t do the job, with the way fast fashion is going it’s only getting easier. I love finding new designers especially Israeli ones. Daniella Faye has a great assortment of well priced dresses for the modest girl, or not. I saw this dress on Instagram and was immediately drawn to it because of its easy look and edgy sleeves, which are amazing! The sleeves on this dress appear like leather, except they’re not. These sleeves are actually a thin comfortable material that give off a leather effect. 
This dress is the perfect dress to throw on for an easy and chic look. It’s exactly the kind of dress that I want to own because it epitomizes my style, classy yet edgy.