Perfectly Pink

Pink DressOver The Knee BootsWhite BagSunglasses

An affordable item that looks well made and pretty, whether it be a dress, pair of shoes, top.. is what most girls seek. One of my biggest rules for myself, is to never impulse buy, if I see something that I absolutely love and I know I will wear it often, then I will buy it. If I’m not immediately sure about it or I’m second guessing it, I make myself walk around the store for a little while before I come to my final decision. I think most people can agree that whey they first walk into Target they see so many cute items, whether it’s something for the house or clothing. Too often, I place items into my cart and then by the time I get to the register I tell the woman “I’m not taking this or this or this.” The clothing department at Target is especially dangerous.. I see things that I tell myself I need but thankfully I eventually come to my senses.. 
When I saw this dress I was shocked at how pretty and not cheap it looked. Knowing me and my ability to purchase many items from target and then eventually throw them in the giveaway pile.. I had to think long and hard before purchasing another $35 dress. I am so happy that my final decision was to PURCHASE this dress because I love everything about it and I am getting a lot of use out of it!  I know I scored well when I walk into neiman marcus and numerous sales women compliment me on my dress and I have too much fun responding, “Thank you! It’s Target!”