Pearly Whites

Pearls are on trend. In your hair, on your jacket, jeans, ears, neck, sunglasses… you name it, if pearls are on it, it’s coolPearls are classy, clean and feminine, they make the perfect “understated” statement, which is why they are extremely popular in most professional fields. 
But even though pearls can be described as such, one needs to be careful about how they wear them, especially on clothing and accessories. Although pearls easily “class up” an outfit, they can just as easily “cheese” one down.  I bought this blazer, because as you know, I love tweed! When I saw it I immediately thought Chanel. Whenever I wear this blazer (which is quite often) I get lots of compliments, especially from the grandmas ;-). Although the pearls are large, they blend well with the jacket that they’re not too noticeable. The pearls on my jeans add just the right amount of feminine flair. Being as it’s basically summer in fall (I’m still waiting to actually wear this blazer, not over my shoulders) getting dressed is more difficult than ever. I thought dressing modestly was hard, but now it’s just double trouble. I wake up most mornings, lately, confused and annoyed that I still can’t just throw on any, of the many, oversized sweaters I recently purchased. So I figured being as its still warm, but it is technically fall, I may as well should dress in as much white as possible (even though I do so all year round). So while the summer weather is still here, take advantage, mix your summer and fall pieces because before we know it it will be ten degrees and we’ll be sorry we didn’t!