My Favorites From The Designer Sale

The designer sale at Saks has begun and I’ve scored so many amazing designer pieces, such as my head to toe look that you see here plus more! You can get up to 40% off an incredible selection of designer pieces, but make sure to shop quickly because items are selling out and the opportunity to own a special designer piece at a great price will soon be gone! Sea always has amazing dresses, I loved this dress when I saw it at beginning of the season but I really did not want to spend $435 on just one dress! When I saw it on sale at Saks for $261 I felt a lot better about purchasing it, I like to invest in items that I know I will get a lot of use out of and won’t get sick of.  These Chloe shoes were on the very top of my purchase list. I was so in love with them when I first saw them back in March but $520.00 for one pair of shoes, combined with a large “wish list” of summer purchases, was just not going to happen. But again, because of the amazing designer sale at  Saks I was able to finally own them for a much better price of $364.00.I alsolutely love this bag. This one was actually not on my wish list, but when I was scrolling through the designer sale it caught my eye. I purchased this beautiful Kate Spade bagbefore her passing, I will treasure this bag forever.

As I mentioned previously, my head to toe look can be purchased now at Saks at great prices and you can check out my other sale picks below. Happy shopping!

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