Keep it Clean

Sponsored by Pipette & ShopStyle

As a mother, I’m always trying to find new products that will protect and clean my children, while not harming them. To keep it simple, I want clean products. There are a lot of products out there that claim to be “clean” but are actually not…

I know that I’m not alone, I know that many of you want the same and I’m so excited to introduce you to Pipette! Some of you may already be familiar with the brand or even own some/all of their products… if you don’t, let me educate you on WHY you must!

Pipette is 100% clean and free of toxins, so it’s not harsh for your baby or children’s skin. By using biotechnology, they created a replica of squalene. Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, neither did I 😊! Squalene is the natural moisturizer that all babies are born with. You know that white stuff that coats their skin when they’re born? Yes, that stuff! They derived it from sugarcane and created squalene. If you’d like to read more on this, you can do so here!

What I also love about their products, aside for being clean and safe for everyone, they’re sustainable. I also love that they have products for mommy and kids as well!

If you too are looking for cleaner and safer products for yourself, baby or kids, take advantage of the Pipette anniversary sale going on now – it’s 40% off all products! You can use my code: EISHES40, for 40% off and try out some of their products, if you haven’t yet! 

I highly recommend all of these! The baby balm is amazing – it leaves the babies skin so nourished. I have been on the hunt for months for a clean SPF, I’ll be using this SPF 50 on the entire family! I’m going to take full advantage of the sale and purchase this leave in detangler for Louelle’s hair and this new bubble bath soap. My kids love bubble baths, but most brands are full of toxins and harmful products, so going to give this on a try!

I hope you enjoy these Pipette products as much as I do!