Fall Foliage

Styling the bump is only getting harder. Every week my belly gets bigger making it more of a challenge for me to get dressed in the morning. I try and not purchase many maternity items, I like to buy items a size up, that fit me well during pregnancy and that will most likely still be wearable post pregnancy. When I saw this dress online, I loved the foliage pattern and the cut looked amazing, but I was skeptical about how it would fit. I quickly reserved it at my local Nordstrom store using their ROPUS (Reserve
Online Pick Up in Store) Program, went to the mall to try it and was happy to see I found an amazing dress that I could actually wear now and, I have no doubt, later too!   

As you know, I have a beret obsessions. I happened to come across this amazing burnt orange beret, which is one of my favorite colors right now, and I knew it would pair perfectly with, not just this dress, but so many other fall pieces. Burnt orange is such a great fall color and I love how it looks on all skin tones. I had been on the lookout for an amazing nude-ish colored boot, as I’ve mentioned, I have an extremely hard time finding well fitted boots. My calves are very small which makes it almost impossible to find a boot that looks good and fits well. I do think that companies are getting much better about fit because this year I have had a lot of luck in the boot department. I loved the style of these Sam Edelman boots but I really didn’t think they would work on my calves. When I saw they were amiable at my local store, I figured I may as well try them since I’m going to try the dress anyways! Well… I am SO happy that I made that decision. These boots are probably the first pair of knee high boots that I’ve owned in a long time! First off, I was shocked that they didn’t awkwardly hit my knees, being as I’m 5’2″ and most knee high boots at least hit on my knees. Second, I couldn’t believe that they weren’t super baggy around my legs! What’s more amazing about these boots is that they’re great when worn like I did here or when worn slouchy. I know I’ll be getting a lot of use out of these! What I love about this whole outfit is the fact that every piece is so versatile! They’re perfect for a day with the family, going to work, a night out… I like to purchase versatile pieces that I know I can wear over and over again. 

To shop more amazing fall pieces from Nordstrom, see what other amazing items I found below. You should also totally take advantage of their awesome BOTUS/ROTUS (Buy/Reserve Online Pick
Up in Store) program, like I did, which allows you to purchase or reserve items online that are available in your local store. I also love their curbside pick up, it seriously is a life changer when you need an outfit ASAP! 

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