Cute & Comfortable

Taking care of a newborn is amazing and rewarding but can also be extremely tiring. After a long work week and interrupted sleeps, down time is extremely important for me. Most weekends, Brian takes James out for a bit so Louelle and I can have some quiet time and relax.

While lounging around the house I still like to feel good, so It’s important for me to have items that are easy to wear and comfortable but that look nice as well. As I’ve stated many times Nordstrom is really one of my favorite places to shop! They carry items for everyone in the family at all different price points. They also make it so easy to shop, whether it’s their free shipping and return, curbside pickup… they just make it so easy and accessible that it’s no shocker that I was able to find great loungewear pieces there.

As a breastfeeding mother, pieces with easy access are really important to me right now, I need to be able to feed my crying baby as fast as possible. This dress helps me successfully do so because it’s a button down and I of course, love the pink color. This is really a perfect piece! It also only makes sense that my robe is pink too. I hunted for a cozy pink robe for quite a
while, that wasn’t too expensive, and I’m so happy with this one that I found! I am so obsessed with these slippers, they’re extremely comfortable but what I love most about them is that they’re open toe. One of my pet peeves when it comes to slippers is a closed toe, because my feet feel suffocated from the fur. Clearly word got out about how great these slippers are because they’re no longer available, however you can more amazing slippers that I found at Nordstrom below.

It’s also important to me that Loulou has comfortable and cute onesies to wear around the house, and that have easy access as well so I can easily change her diaper. This onesie is so soft and has buttons up the front which makes it really easy to open and close. I try to find coordinating mommy and me pieces, I love look!

Some other great pieces that I found at Nordstrom is this ADORABLE cherry set. It’s pretty obvious from following me on Instagram that I am obsessed with cherries these days, they’re definitely trending and I’m not at all upset about that :-).

This set is not only cute, it is one of the comfiest pair of PJ’s that I ever owned. They are as soft as butter, which I really need during these freezing winter months. What I also love about these pajamas is that I can run out of the house in them and not be embarrassed about what I’m wearing.

Loulou’s outfit is BEYOND cute, but what’s even better is that it’s BEYOND soft! This sweater is perfect, not just for hanging around the house but, for taking her out of the house during these freezing months.

When it comes to my everyday attire I usually dress more conservative and classic, which is why when it comes to my loungewear I like to have a little more fun with it.

Shop below for some more amazing loungewear!

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